The SpaceStation is the largest premium display advertising sales house in Sub-Saharan Africa. We represent more than 50 of Africa's favourite web & mobile sites, affording our clients unrivalled, strategic and competitive access to over 30 million unique browsers online.

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    Here’s why mobile marketing in South Africa is a must

    The website for SA’s first fashion and news weekly, Grazia is the award-winning, weekly interactive digital magazine for intelligent women. Today Grazia is still setting the agenda by uniquely reflecting what its upscale thirty-something reader ...

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    Men's Health Cook And Chisel Sponsorship

    Here’s why mobile marketing in South Africa is a must

    Lose Your Gut with The Cook and Chisel Program This free plan gives you daily recipes that will banish your belly and define your muscles.Think of this Cooking series as your personal coach over the next 90 days. Campaign Elements Separate t...

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    • Here’s why mobile marketing in South Africa is a must

      South Africans are cell phone obsessed. This addict-like behaviour is highly annoying for family and friends but it’s excellent news if you’re in business. Unless, of course, you’ve neglected to reach out to your consumers through mobile advertising. If that’s the case, you’ve fallen behind and it’s time to sprint. The numbers don’t lie Over […]

    • Kick Off’s “Likes” on its Facebook page recently surpassed the one million mark

      Thanks a million! While this milestone is a significant achievement, it’s the rate of engagement on the page that deserves equal mention. With a *daily average reach of 82 000 and engagement rate of 152 000, Kick Off is getting it right by consistently providing relevant content worth reading, sharing and commenting on. Kick Off’s […]

    • The SpaceStation announces new partnership with SouthernX

      In line with international market trends, The SpaceStation and SouthernX have announced a partnership that gives the digital media sales house direct access to programmatic buying solutions through SouthernX. The partnership enables The SpaceStation’s sales team to offer clients highly advanced programmatic sales solutions – in-house. This partnership, where a programmatic media marketplace partners with […]

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