Food24 & Health24 Eat Well Sponsorship

  • Food24 & Health24 Eat Well Sponsorship

    Food24 & Health24 Eat Well (Healthy Food) sponsorship

    Eat Well will be editorially driven by utilizing key editorial placements, social media and traffic drivers including Health24 and Food24 content buckets and other strategic tools.

    Campaign elements
    • Dedicated Sponsored Main Nav Section with themed editorial content created by Health24 – web and mobile
    • Sponsorship of Food24 Healthy Recipes
    • Client multimedia content to (video/galleries supplied by client)
    • Advertiser content in advertorials (4 advertorials/campaign)
    • ROS ads to push the section:
    • Web: 120 000 ad impressions
    • Mobile 80 000 ad impressions
    • Food24 Web 45 000
    • Food24 Mobile 45 000
    • “We’re talking about the ‘Sponsor’ “ block on the Home Page of Food24
    • Competition
    • Promo Mailers to Promote Competition (Health24 & Food24)
    • Social media – native article supporting clients message and promote the competition on the Eat Well hub
    • Editorial newsletter placements – Daily Dose

    Topics covered will include diets, supplements, deficiencies, optimal nutrition, medical conditions and how food can help, living foods, nutrition basics, managing your weight, the immune system and of course a special section on drinks. We will also be bringing users the latest in news that centres around the topic of eating well, including breaking scientific research.

    •Balanced diet
    •Weight loss
    •Food as medicine
    •Nutrition 101

    Content Pillars
    Feature healthy plant fats
    Are low in refined carbs
    Have no/low sugar
    Include wholegrains
    Contain superfood veggies and fruits
    Include raw nuts and seeds
    Include lean meats

    Key Commercial Elements& Exposure
    • Exclusive ownership of Eat Well
    • Background branding on Food24 News & Guides & Homepage (10 days)
    • Client content
    • We’re talking about editorial blocks “Eat Well”
    • Co brand: ROS banner ads across Food24 web & mobile
    • Co brand: Display ads across Women24,Health24 & Parent24
    • Editorial Newsletter Placements
    • Promo-mailer to Women24 / Food24 / Health24
    • Competition
    • Social media across Food24 (facebook, twitter, instagram)

    Target Market
    LSM 8 – 10
    Age 25 – 45

    Chat to us about this package. Contact us now to discuss rates for full sponsorship to link with your marketing calendar.

    • Food24 & Health24 Eat Well Sponsorship
    • Food24 & Health24 Eat Well Sponsorship
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