News24 Native Content Marketing Opportunity

  • News24 Native Content Marketing Opportunity


    Native content is content that is created for an advertiser by the native publication in which it will be featured in the publications tone of voice. The content is topical, credible, non-product focused editorial content that is relevant to client where user experience is paramount. Topic is key to be condoned by readers as shareable, escalating the value of the content. Client will be-able to deliver desired messages via subtle association through the content. Native isn’t a once off investment but a longer-term partnership.

    Native advertising is not Advertorial OR in-feed advertising. It differentiates from these in that the content isn’t created by client, but by the publisher. It’s also far more than just content placement. Native advertising is pure editorial content created by the editorial team working closely with the brand, which is heavily driven editorially. It is not a brand/product push but rather a subtle brand association with a highly topical subject powered by News24 via its credibility and enormous reach.

    Why Native?

    • Native elevates a brand by 82% in comparison to standard advertising
    • 70% of consumers prefer to learn about products by reading content about the product, brand or service, rather than through traditional advertising.
    • Native ads are sharable, with 32% of consumers sharing native content socially.

    Campaign elements

    • 4X pieces of content created by News24 with clients guidance.
    • Content is driven editorially across the News24 Home Page Platforms for 1 day per piece of content over the period of 1 month on Web, Mobile, Mobile App
      *Note: Collectively the above 3 News24 platform Home Pages see just under 3mill PI’s in 1 day
    • Content is also Driven on:
      Relevant News24 Social Media
      A content relevant niche site for 1 day
    • Client may use the content to distribute across their own platforms as they wish.
    • There is an option of purchasing retargeted ads to reinforce the strength of the message.

    Chat to us about this package. Contact us now to discuss rates for full sponsorship to link with your marketing calendar.

    • News24 Native Content Marketing Opportunity
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