Wheels24 Arrive Safe Sponsorship

  • Wheels24 Arrive Safe Sponsorship

    Arrive Safe, is a unique supplement on SA’s most-read motoring news website, Wheels24.

    Campaign timing: 4 weeks at a time

    Campaign Elements:
    Arrive Safe Dedicated Supplement on Wheels24 across desktop, tablet & mobile
    Wheels24 Arrive Safe Editorial Content
    Exclusive ownership of all the Arrive Safe with ad units across desktop, tablet & mobile
    Client Content: in the forms of Advertorials, Videotorials, Galleries and Generic Editorial Content. Client tools and widgets, or calculators can also be accommodated.

    Wheels24 Elements:
    Main Navigation Bar Feature
    Permanent Content aggregator on Wheels24
    Four Days of Permanent Background Branding on Wheels24 Home Page
    Competition or Mini Survey – or Pledge Page
    Social media elements
    Rich Media Mobile ads , Tablet App ads , Desktop transitional adverts
    Branded Wheels24 Content Bucket on News24 Home Page
    Run of Network co-branded Ads to push the Supplement
    News letter advert inserts to promote the Supplement

    Exclusive Ownership
    The Arrive Safe supplement hosted on Wheels24 will have its own look and feel, so that it almost exists as a site in its own right, but with access the vast traffic across Wheels24 and the 24.com network.
    The sponsor of Arrive Safe will own the supplement exclusively.
    They will occupy permanent Background Branding, Leaderboard Half Page ads on Desktop, Leaderboard or Half page ads on tablet and rich media mobile ads across the whole supplement.

    Client Content
    Aside from the generic content created by editorial team (articles, galleries, video content, UGC encouragement etc), client will provide their own content to accompany the editorial content to populate the supplement.
    This content will be in the form of Advertorials, Videotorials, client dedicated Galleries, Generic client content etc.
    Featuring ones own content editorially and in the appropriate environment is an invaluable way to get your brand message across.

    The sponsorship includes permanent and exclusive ad units across :
    Desktop Take Over
    Leader board advert
    Background Branding
    Half page advert

    Tablet Road Block
    Leader board advert ( portrait view) or half page advert ( landscape view)

    Mobile Rich Media Banner Take Over
    Mobile banner that can expand across the screen, and contain interactive elements

    Chat to us about this package. Contact us now to discuss rates for full sponsorship to link with your marketing calendar.

    • Wheels24 Arrive Safe Sponsorship
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