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The SpaceStation is the commercial arm of News24 and Netwerk24 offering digital first solutions to brands wanting to reach a highly relevant and engaged audience, in a brand safe environment at scale. Our world class team consisting of digital media sales specialists, native content creators, publishers, strategists, designers, and campaign managers, work seamlessly in executing successful digital campaigns in all phases of the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration and conversion. According to the Reuters Digital Institute, News24 is SA’s most trusted digital news brand (2019 – 2021).


Our Insights

The driving force behind News24 and Netwerk24 is the extensive and rich audience data extrapolated for various digital objectives and research opportunities. The continuous deployment of campaigns allows us to draw definitive benchmarks that we use to constantly test ourselves against. Every Tuesday our 10” insight, a bite sized emailer highlighting our latest learnings, is shared with the industry via email and LinkedIn. Get in touch if you would like to be included in this mailing list.

Below our best performing audience segments in terms of engagement for July 2021:

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Our Audiences

In the latest mobile study, audience targeting resulted in a 20% increase in brand lift and specifically a 38% increase in brand lift in the purchase intent phase. Readers consume content across an array of platforms (including Netwerk24). Our strategists analyse readers’ data based on specific article keywords and URLs pertaining to the interests and topics our readers choose to engage with. The readers’ data are then placed in segments and used for campaign targeting purposes, improving relevance, avoiding wastage, and increasing frequency. More niche & intent-based audiences can be built by overlaying our partner websites’ browsing data (Takealot, Property24 and Autotrader), with our data, reaching them wherever they are in the News24 and Netwerk24 environment.


Our Learnings

The latest mobile study focused on determining the optimal frequency ranges for mobile campaigns, and how frequency influences various stages of the conversion funnel. The setup and methodology were similar to the 2019 study, but now included frequency of exposures per user, as well as total time exposed to campaigns, 148 campaigns were run, with over 29 million impressions being served. 47 251 brand lift surveys were completed and analysed. Firstly, we found that all previous findings from the 2019 study were confirmed in the new data. We also found that on average, it took around 12 exposures to move a user from awareness to purchase intent.

Movements at the top of the funnel, particularly awareness, required fewer exposures than bottom of the funnel movements, namely moving someone from brand preference to purchase intent. In addition to this, we also saw that once a consumer had moved to the next level of the funnel, the ad format and messaging complexity needed to adapt to maximise the total brand lift effect. We also saw that frequency was important in driving brand lift, but average time in view per exposure was in fact more influential in changing people’s attitudes towards brands, especially towards the bottom of the funnel.

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