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Bounce News Nigeria – SuperFast, Low Data News App

The Bounce News App for Android is a news app which delivers the best of breaking and original News updates to your mobile phone. It is an advanced news aggregation app which brings you unlimited local and international news tailored to your interests while saving you data and allowing for shares on social media.

Amazing Unique Features;
High-speed news updates: Feeding from its multiple sources in Nigeria and internationally, the Bounce News App constantly updates you with the most recent stories bringing you up to speed as events and updates happen.

Personalize and control your news to suit your interests: Unlike the regular news app which provides you with a barrage of news across different areas of interests, the Bounce News app allows you select only things you are interested in, providing you with optimal information to your maximum satisfaction.

Guarantee of news from trusted and reliable sources: Unlike apps which source from both verified and unverified websites, the Bounce News app only provides the best News updates from multiple domains with the high authority, and other sources with a good reputation. Saves you the embarrassment of providing false info during conversations.

Save your favorite pages to read offline: To better conserve your data for moments of network inconsistencies, Bounce allows users save stories so they can read offline. This feature is particularly useful on trips and long journeys to areas of lower network coverage.

Social media integration for better sharing: Why enjoy the fun of a good read alone? The Bounce News App allows users share interesting stories with friends on social media and messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Other Sleek features include:
User Friendly Interface: the Bounce news App is easy to use and has its fonts, colours and design crafted for the simplest navigation and most visually friendly experience.
Light memory consumption: The app consumes less than 8mb on Android and can function well even under patchy network conditions.

How to use the Bounce News App:

1. Download
2. Sign up
3. Select your interest
4. Enjoy

Here is why you should download the Bounce News App now:

1. To control and better monitor the kind of news you receive.
2. To treat yourself to only the highest quality News updates and
feeds from reliable sources
3. To better acquaint yourself with this revolutionary technology
which learns about your needs and keeps you one step ahead of
the pack.

Downloading the Bounce News App is the best way to stay informed and improve your interest.

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