Kalahari SA’s leading online retail brand

26 April 2013

Kalahari has been ranked as South Africa’s leading online brand, as a result of its brand awareness and its strong brand positioning.

The “Online Retail Brands Report – South Africa 2013” released by Acentric Marketing Research placed Kalahari ahead of Amazon, Bid or Buy, Woolworths, Gumtree, eBay and Olx.co.

“While Amazon is slightly ahead in terms of awareness, the brand positioning is not as ideal,” said Craig Kolb, owner of Acentric. “Although Amazon is perceived to be a strong performer in terms of the sheer size of its range and long history as a brand, it lacks in other important areas.

“Kalahari’s best performing attributes were fast delivery and easy ordering; although the model suggests it could do even better by focusing on other attributes such as its product range.”

Zando, which only launched in May 2012, was the highest new entrant, ranking ninth.

Acentric ranked 59 brands according to the Acentric Brand Model (ABM) Index, which measures consumer-based brand equity, following a survey conducted in January of this year.

“The index strongly correlates with the size of a brand’s customer base. Nineteen attributes were covered, grouped into 7 major topics. These topics included: Product, service quality, price, functional benefits, delivery type, image and shopping enjoyment,” said Kolb.

Source: www.humanipo.com