Media24 today announced the appointment of Andreij Horn as the head of Digital Media, the country’s largest digital media company.

Andreij has had a long career with Naspers and Media24, having spearheaded many innovations at the international media giant. He is currently the Chief Information Officer at Media24 and has long been involved with Media24’s digital operations.

“Media24 is focusing all its attention on further expanding its digital media operations and Andreij’s appointment signals the fact that we’re bringing in the big guns,” says Media24 CEO Esmaré Weideman. “Andreij has that rare combination of editorial expertise, business acumen, technological know-how and entrepreneurial drive. He is exactly what we need to lead at a very exciting time in Media24’s digital expansion.”

Andreij said he was looking forward to elevating the powerful brand to new heights. “This is the most challenging time in the history of digital media with the convergence of high technology, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, and a relentless demand from users for simplicity. We are focused on attracting and retaining the best talent, particularly engineers, and working with our advertising and commercial partners to find innovative ways to be really useful to our mutual markets.”

Andreij started his career as a journalist at Volksblad in 1982, quickly rising through the Naspers and Media24 ranks. He pioneered TopAd Shop, the country’s first online advertising booking platform, and CommerceZone, the central procurement platform used in Naspers’s South African companies.

He was the first general manager of, started in 1999 to create a national online news service and other online services. Today Digital Media has 1,6 million unique users per day and 7,7 million daily pageviews across all its news and lifestyle channels.

He has a MA degree from the University of the Free State and obtained his MBA from the University of Cape Town in 1999, where he was honoured with the Bain Prize for ecommerce.