current affairs

The Current Affairs portfolio includes both the largest English and Afrikaans news websites in South Africa, offering news across the income and language spectrum. Current Affairs offers advertisers unparalleled reach and access.

News24 is the largest traffic driver in the stable, and the biggest news site in the country, with a compelling proposition of “Breaking News First”, which ensures high repeat traffic. HuffPost South Africa launched in November 2016 with a mission to provide a platform for local voices and communities while also delivering local news, politics, lifestyle, entertainment for South Africans, by South Africans. Netwerk24 offers readers the very best of Afrikaans journalism from the Media24 News division. The Daily Sun and Die Son offer advertisers mass reach and a highly engaged audience who are loyal and eagerly anticipate their latest instalment of real life issues and local news that affect daily lives of South African readers.

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The Sport portfolio represents the best of South African and African sports entertainment news. Our sports sites offer a one-stop destination for a broad range of avid sports fans.

From post match reviews and video highlights, to fixtures, live scoring and knowledgeable columnists, we ensure a wide range of content is covered to suit our audience. With limited duplication, the sports portfolio offers advertisers a strong male audience across a wide range of income and social profiles. We cover everything from soccer and rugby through to athletics, cycling, tennis and adventure sports.

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healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle offers inspirational and practical advice to live your best life.

From yoga and running, to medical advice and gym, we cover everything related to keeping fit and healthy, and the gear and tips needed to do so.

Leading a healthy lifestyle has become a worldwide trend, and we cover everything readers need when searching for the best information. This includes content on nutrition, mental well-being, family and lifestyle, communicating to an engaged and health-focused audience.



Wheels24 is a significant motoring offering including reviews, an interactive car-finder and all things on wheels. With specific focus on different editorial pillars, the brand covers everything from test drives and trailers, to F1 season updates and international motoring trends.

As a largely male skewed audience with high purchasing power, the motoring portfolio offers advertisers a captive, enthusiastic and engaged audience for all advertising brands related to cars, travel and lifestyle.


travel & food

Traveller24 covers everything travel related, including both local and international travel destinations and news. The site allows readers to share and upload travel experiences and photographs, and review real trips from the editorial teams. This, combined with exciting editorial coverage, package holiday deals, destination information, events and local travels, offers the travel audience a variety of sites to cover every travel need.

Food24 covers everything related to cooking, groceries, food festivals and drinks, offering readers the best of the food world online. Food24 is Africa’s largest foodie community and the largest database of searchable recipes, making this an invaluable site for everyone from newbie cooks to experienced masterchefs in training. With such wide appeal from such a large content base, Food24 is the market leader in food news online in South Africa.

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From fertility to pregnancy, and everything after, our Parenting portfolio covers it all. Parenting offers expertise, blogging communities and tools for expectant moms and parents of children of all ages. From toddlers’ sleep training to matric dance dress woes, the diverse parenting portfolio has it all.

This portfolio expertly covers the parenting market in South Africa across both English and Afrikaans, delivering a one-stop destination hub for all
moms and dads online.

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women’s interest

Women’s Interest offers a wealth of information and resources to all South African women. Women’s interest covers everything from relationship advice, fashion, cosmetics and trends, to parenting, cooking and friendship advice. Weddings and special events are covered to help brides plan their special day, and readers are given career and financial advice.

The editorial teams deliver content that is engaging, ripe for social sharing and makes the audience feel like part of the family. The diverse content offers advertisers a rich female audience across all life stages and cultures in South Africa.



The Finance portfolio comprises of the largest financial website in the country. Fin24 leads the way with an engaging and authoritative editorial team and a wide range of topics covered; these are first-stop destinations for readers seeking up-to-date financial news and information.

Netwerk24 covers a Sake section ensuring that all the latest financial news is available in Afrikaans to further increase the already wide reach of this portfolio.



    The Careers portfolio includes South Africa’s largest careers job portal website.

    Careers24 is one of South Africa’s leading career portals, with a database of over 2 million top candidates. Careers24 readers are highly engaged with the content and return to the site crawling through numerous pages each daily.


    lifestyle & entertainment

    The Lifestyle and Entertainment portfolio covers everything hot and happening in South Africa. These sites offer readers information on a wide range of entertainment topics including gig guides, TV shows, theatre, book and movie reviews.

    There is up to the minute information about local and international celebrities and red carpet events, and the latest breaking celebrity news. With such a diverse range of sites and content on offer, there is a favourite for all audience types in the lifestyle and entertainment genre.

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