News24 Edge brings you what you need to know and what you want to read in one simple, beautiful app.
Get all the breaking news first and you can select your interests from’s top quality journalism to get more of what you really want to read. Edge has your preferences covered; from sport and entertainment to the best in food, health, motoring, travel and more – News24 Edge brings you all the stories that you are interested in.

News24 Edge brings you a personalised experience by letting you select your interests and through learning what stories you enjoy reading most. The more you read, the better News24 Edge becomes at providing you with the most relevant stories to you.

News24 Edge’s offering includes the best in breaking news, current affairs, political journalism and stories on what interests you most.

The app has been designed to create a seamless and beautiful experience for our readers. Clear text and crisp images make the content easy to find and easy to read. The navigation ensures as few taps as possible to get you to your favourite story.

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