The latest SA internet connection stats

SA internet stats

Stats SA has released the findings of its latest General Household Survey, showing that 59,3% of all South Africans now have access to the internet in some way.

53% of these people are making use of mobile connections, a positive sign of mobile networks’ contribution to expanding digital access to rural and underdeveloped areas.

Access at home, meanwhile, remains relatively low, with only 9,5% of the population having a connection in their household.

In terms of individual provinces, Gauteng leads the way with 72,2% of its people having online access, while the Western Cape is close behind with a smaller percentage of 68,5%.

Limpopo continues to struggle with telecommunications infrastructure, with a mere 42,4% of residents having any sort of link to the internet, with a measly 1,6% having an active connection at home.

Further analysis shows that many South Africans continue to rely on internet cafes, educational facilities and workplaces to get online.

As expected, household connections are most common in metropolitan and urban areas, with only 2% of rural homesteads being connected.

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