Top 20 South African websites list for October 2015

Effective Measure has released its website traffic statistics for October 2015, with News24 ranked as the top South African website.

Effective Measure is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB South Africa, and provides accurate traffic and demographics statistics for SA’s top websites.

According to the stats, News24 attracted 5,787,160 South African browsers during October.

Gumtree was ranked second with 4,764,118 unique local browsers, followed by MSN with 2,561,353 visitors.

The table shows the top 20 websites in South Africa, based on local unique browsers measured.

SA websites local traffic - October

Top websites visited by South Africans

Effective Measure’s website traffic statistics are accurate because of its tracking system. All IAB-affiliated websites load tracking code, which makes accurate traffic measurements possible.

Alexa, in comparison, uses panel-based data from its toolbar users to rank websites based on traffic. This is not as accurate as Effective Measure’s cookie-based tracking.

Alexa does, however, provide a rough overview of the most popular websites visited by South African Internet users over the past 30 days.

Top visited websites by South Africans - October

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